GALLERY: Ferrari 275 Gtb

The Ferrari 275 is a series of two-seat front-engined V12-powered automobiles produced in GT , roadster, and spyder form by Ferrari between 1964 and 1968. The first Ferrari to be equipped with a transaxle , the 275 is powered by a 3.3 L (3286 cc) Colombo 60° V12 engine that produces 280-300 hp.

Viewed internationally as the pinnacle of Made in Italy excellence, the Ferrari brand has always played a leading role in the racing world as well as many other areas.

The 275 GTB used a double overhead cam 3. 3 litre Colombo-designed 60º V-12 engine designated Tipo 213. This engine was the final development of the Colombo V12, with a stroke of 58. 8 mm and a bore of 77 mm. The internal parts of the engine were derived from those used in other Ferrari models including the 250 GTE 2+2, 250 Lusso and 250 GTO. Three twin-choke Weber 40 DCZ 6 or 40 DFI 1 carburetors were equipped as standard. Power was claimed to be 280 horsepower (210 kW) at 7600 rpm, but provided closer to 240-250 hp (190 kW) in actual use. A factory option of six twin-choke Weber 40 DCN carburetors was also available, which Ferrari claimed provided 320 hp (240 kW) at 7500 rpm although the actual increase in power over the three-Weber setup was likely only 20-25 hp. The rear wheels were driven by a 5-speed manual transaxle with Porsche-style syncromesh and a limited-slip differential. This was the first time a transaxle was used on a Ferrari production road car, although they were used on some earlier Ferrari competition models such as the 250 Testa Rossa.

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