GALLERY: Golf R 400

Excited for Volkswagen’s hot 2015 Golf R ? Well, take that giddiness and multiply it by, oh, a thousand: allow us to introduce to the Golf R 400 concept. With nearly 400 horsepower, a wider stance than the Golf R , and a 174-mph top speed, the 400 concept doesn’t just drip with appeal—it gushes the stuff. Curiously, VW’s chosen to debut the beastly hatch at the 2014 Beijing auto show , in the heart of a city where traffic’s so bad, a bicycle or a pedestrian could trounce even a Ferrari in a stoplight grand prix.

The VW Golf has had several generations made into electric CityStromer models. The first of these was in the 1970s, when VW took a standard Golf Mk1 and converted it to electric power. By the time the Golf Mk2 came into production a limited number of electric Golfs were made, using lead–acid battery packs and a custom-made motor and controller . VW continued with the production of limited numbers of CityStromer electric cars with the introduction of the Golf Mk3. The electric CityStromer Mk3 included a Siemens-based AC drive system, and lead–acid battery packs. They had a maximum speed of 97 km/h (60 mph) and a range of approximately 80 km (50 mi). With a few exceptions, only left-hand drive Golfs were converted by VW into Citystromer models. These vehicles are still used today and have popularity in mainland Europe with only a few present in Great Britain. Only two right-hand drive Mk2 CityStromers were built for the UK market and it is believed only one remains today. It is owned by EV advocate and broadcaster Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, host of Transport Evolved.

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